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Since our relationship with your company is as important to us as it is to you, we would like to share some tips that will enable the appraisal process to run smoothly for all of us – including your Borrower.  These are simple suggestions to assist those of you as busy as we are to experience a seamless appraisal process.

Always FAX or e-mail your complete Appraisal Request.  Phoned in requests get lost and information is usually incomplete. If your staff calls to request an appraisal, they will be asked to Fax or e-mail their request.

Purchase Contact Number:  If your request is for a purchase, please provide us the correct contact person's phone number for access. Many times we are given the Borrowers’ phone number(s). This doesn't help us, since the Borrower does not yet have access to the property.

Refinance Contact Method:  If your request is for a refinance, please ask your Borrower who they would like us to contact, including which phone number they would like us to use, and a preferred time (during regular business hours) they would like us to call. Many times we are given a Borrower’s work phone number when they aren’t allowed to receive phone calls at work. We can assure you that this will leave you with an embarrassed appraiser and more importantly, an unhappy and frustrated Borrower.

Borrower's Option:  Feel free to give your Borrower our phone number and offer them the option to call us to schedule the appointment themselves. Generally it's easier for them to call us as soon as they are finished talking to you – when the process is fresh in their minds.

Appraisal Process:  Explain to your Borrower that the appraisal is an integral part of their loan process. The sooner they allow us access to the subject property, the sooner you will get a completed appraisal. This is especially important if you’ve already locked the loan.

Inspector's Access:  Let your Borrower know that it is not necessary for them to be present during the inspection. If they are unable to meet the appraiser at the subject property during normal business hours (9-5pm), they have the option to ask a friend, relative, or neighbor to unlock the property for the inspection. They are also welcome to leave a key in a predetermined spot, so the appraiser can let himself or herself in. Our appraisers are bonded and insured and can be trusted to lock up when they are finished.

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