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Conforming SFR, Condo & PUD


Duplex, Triplex, Fourplex (Fannie Mae 1025, Full Walk In)


Complex Custom SFR (1004)

Bid Basis

Desk Review


Field Review


442 Inspection (Cost per Visit)

$ 75.00

SFR Rent Survey (Fannie Mae Form 1007)


Operating Income Statement (Form 216)


Update (Conforming Tract Home) With 3 New Comps

50% of Original Fee

Fannie Mae 2055 (Limited Walk In)


Fannie Mae 2055 Exterior


Fannie Mae 2065


Fannie Mae 2065 Exterior


704 Drive-By Appraisal


Cancellation Fee (After Inspection)

50% of Full Fee

Trip Charge (For No Show)


Rush Fee (3 Day Turnaround)

Bid Basis

Note: Non-conforming SFRs, income units, custom homes, acreage and/or unique properties, which require added research and time, will be subject to a higher fee.

Payment Policy

You may choose from one of the following options:

CFB (Collect from Borrower) includes:

Cashier’s or Certified Check
Money Order
Personal Check*

*Please note that the appraisal  WILL NOT be released until a personal check clears the bank, generally a minimum of 10 business days.


We will be happy to bill your company.  If this is your preferred method of payment, the manager of your company will be required to sign our Billing Agreement. Click the button to download our Billing Agreement, sign it, and then please fax it to us at 925-829-1428.

Payment must be made within 30 days of invoice date.